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NEJ Stevenson website design, re-brand and art direction


NEJ Stevenson are a luxury bespoke furniture maker with a royal warrant.  The brief was to re-invent their website to an immersive, inspirational destination for interior designers and their customers, to make it a delight to experience and reflect the aspirational, luxurious and unique nature of their company. Their new website can be seen here

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The concept I created was based on the themes of British design royalty and unexpected beauty. This was inspired by the history, tradition and royal connections that are a large part of NEJ Stevenson identity and great British brands like Burberry and Mulberry. They are strong, confident brands that are the core of great British design tradition. Like NEJ they are aspirational, traditional and yet still relevant and fresh today. NEJ Stevenson works with the National Trust and English Heritage and their designs are luxurious and unique. I wanted to capture the beauty of their furniture and use it to display their designs in a contemporary unexpected way.


The main focal point of the website are the three short films made at Eltham Palace, were some rooms are furnished by NEJ.  I worked on creating these films by directing a team to achieve the vision I created to meet and exceed my client’s brand goals. I oversaw and directed everything including story boarding, directing the videographer, lighting, prop hire and creating the sound track. These films are used as the focal point for the website, taking the user on a journey through the website.

The website design is pared back and elegant to let the films shines out and to reflect the luxurious, aspirational nature of their company.

I worked closely with our photographer to create a series of portraits of the company staff that really shows the character of the people and the family spirit of the company.

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